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Refactor uses Octoprint or Mainsail for interacting with the Recore and Replicape. To access, go to recore.local

Once you connect to the OctoPrint interface, you will need to step through setup the first time. As you step through the setup:

  1. Set a username and password for OctoPrint
  2. It's recommended that you keep Access Control Enabled for security reasons.
  3. Set your print bed dimensions
  4. Axis speeds can be left at the defaults, as they only control the manual movements that you make through OctoPrint.
Octoprint setup.png


Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the configurations directly or to debug a broken config file without going through a browser interface.

Connecting via SSH

For the connected via ethernet.

 ssh root@recore.local

Useful terminal commands

Starts a log within the terminal

sudo journalctl -fl

Opens network control panel

sudo nmtui

Restarts Redeem. Can also be done from OctoPrint

sudo systemctl restart redeem

Shows which version of Kamikaze is installed

cat /etc/kamikaze-release

Show the status of Toggle

systemctl status toggle -l -n 100

Connecting via USB

For BeagleBone Black Wireless, network access isn't yet established.

To determine the device's name once attached look at the output of ls -al /dev/cu.usbmodem* before and then after you connect your host computer to the device. Next attach to the serial console:

 screen /dev/cu.usbmodem<number> 115200


 minicom -o -D /dev/cu.usbmodem<number> 115200

Access Control

There are two user accounts that have admin permissions:

username: root, password: kamikaze username: debian, password: temppwd


If you are not on a secure or private network, it is highly recommended to :ref:`change the password <ChangePassword>` for both accounts. Someone accessing your device can intentionally (or unintentionally) damage your 3D printer.


These user passwords are completely separated from the octoprint users you setup during the setup wizard for access control.