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Why is everything not in mainline Klipper?

Mainline Klipper is a really large project, with a lot of code and contributors. To keep the code manageable, validated and generic for a lot of different hardware configurations, they implemented stringent contribution rules.

Recore is a small portion of Klipper's user base. While we hope it will grow larger, at present a lot of ongoing development is happening that touches on parts of Klipper, or adds things to Klipper that either conflict with, or don't benefit the Klipper community at large.

The development team is focused on trying to push everything needed into mainline Klipper, but some of the modifications needed to do so are quite time consuming. For now, if you want to install Klipper on Recore from mainline yourself, this page is here to guide you as to what additional add-ons you'll need.

Additional files needed

Some of the Recore's functionality depends on additional python code for Klippy, and this will change depending on which version of Recore you are trying to use.

Specifically, Recore A5 needed more files to work, as the TMC2209, thermistor and thermocouple (PT100/PT1000) didn't use the standard Klipper defaults. With A6, things started to normalize, but you still needed a file, and this is still the case today (26th of May 2024) even with A7 and A8 boards.

Recore A5 additional files

The Recore A5 needs the following files added in the klipper/klippy/extras/ folder:

The default A5 configuration file is available here.

Recore A6, A7 and A8 additional files

The Recore versions A6, A7 and A8 require only the following file added to the klipper/klippy/extras/ folder:

For A7 and A8 Recore versions, the STM32F031 chip used has 32kB of memory instead of 16, and so you should use this config file to compile the MCU firmware for it.