Relit A0

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Renits A0 ISO white BG.jpg

Relit A0 is a led strip of 12 RGB LEDs (Like NeoPixels) that work well with Recore A7.

Wiring diagram

Connection diagam A0.png

Compiling Klipper with support for Neopixels

Klipper config

[neopixel relit]
pin: PB3
chain_count: 12

For Recore A8

[neopixel relit_es1]
pin: ar100:PH5
chain_count: 12

[static_digital_output es1_direction]
pins: !PB3


set_led led=relit  RED=1 GREEN=1 BLUE=1 TRANSMIT=1

3D model

Read more

Known limitations

Running the light at full power with all LEDs on can cause too much power to be drawn from the 5 V step down converter on Recore. Depending on the current consumption of the USB and CPU, this might be too much. The total current consumption of one Relit is 192 mA when all LEDs are fully on.

Compatibility with Recore A8

To use with Recore A8, remove the Pull-up resistor, R1.