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Remove is an accelerometer for doing input shaping with Klipper.

Remove A0 iso.jpg

Pinout diagram

Remove pinout.png

Klipper configuration

# The Remove resonance tester mcu
[mcu rp2040]
serial: /dev/ttyACM0
baud: 1500000

cs_pin: rp2040:gpio5
spi_bus: spi0a

accel_chip: adxl345
    100, 100, 20  # an example

[static_digital_output remove_leds]
pins: rp2040:gpio17, rp2040:gpio18

Klipper usage

To test the accellerometer, try this in the user interface:


At this time there is an issue with the A1 board where the initialization can fail in Klipper.

If you follow the klipper documentation and run the expected commands you may get the following error:

Invalid adxl345 id (got f2 vs e5).
This is generally indicative of connection problems
(e.g. faulty wiring) or a faulty adxl345 chip.

This does not mean your Remove is faulty. Try running the command again, it is a known initialization error, and will go away once the initial message happens. It will happen again next time you restart klipper though, as it re-initializes the ADXL345 again.

After that first test, the actual calibration can be run with:


Klipper firmware compilation

The unit comes with firmware pre-installed. If you want to upgrade the firmware, these are the steps to reproduce. This can be done directly from Recore, or from a regular computer. If the device ID doesn't match, the board is not in DFU mode, and needs to be manually started that way. Use a paperclip or some wire, unplug the USB of the device, short the two round pads on the back of the PCB and plug in the USB. At that point the RP2040 will be in DFU mode, allowing it to be flashed.

cp test/configs/rp2040.config .config
make olddefconfig
make -j
make flash FLASH_DEVICE="2e8a:0003"

Entering boot-mode after flashing

If a firmware upgrade is necessary, the device must be put into boot mode. This can be done by short together the test points shown below while inserting the USB port.

Remove pinout back.png