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Restep is an add-on board for Recore A6 which gives it an extra TMC2209 stepper driver. This is great if you want to build a 3D-printer with 7 motors, like the Voron 2.4.

Restep A1 front.jpg

Pinout diagram

Restep A1 pinout.png

Mounting it on Recore

Restep should be mounted so the stepper is pointing upwards and the 6 pin header is pointing down. The 6 pin female header goes into the header on the board marked S6 or S7.

Choosing address

If you only have one Restep board mounted on Recore, you do not have to alter it in any way. The default UART address will then be 3. If you want to add one more board, you can cut the lines on AD0 which will give the board address 2. Address 0 and 1 are reserved for stepper 4 and 5 which are mounted on the board on UART3(pins PD0/PD1).

Klipper Configuration

In this example, the X-axis is routed to S7. Only the relevant changes are shown.

[tmc2209 stepper_x]
uart_pin: ar100:PD1
tx_pin: ar100:PD0
uart_address: 3

# Route stepper X to header S6
step_pin: ar100:PL10
dir_pin: ar100:PE14