Adding a Probe for G29/G33

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So you're ready to auto-calibrate your Delta, or you just want to run a bed leveling routine on your Cartesian or CoreXY? Well, in order to do this, you're going to need a probe, sensor, or endstop switch!

Popular Options

There are a few options for this:

* BLTouch
* FSR Sensors
* Inductive Sensors
* Microswitch/Endstop Switch


Once you've decided on a probing option, you'll need to connect it to your Replicape. Most of the time this is achieved by installing it as a Z2 Endstop. Refer to the installation instructions included with your particular sensor and the information shown here: Replicape Wiring

Local.cfg Additions

If you're using a BLTouch, please refer to: BLTouch Settings for the additional changes to your local.cfg

Connection Test

After connecting your probe and firing up your machine, you'll need to check that your sensor is working correctly. You can do this inside your Terminal window in Octoprint. If you are using a switch, inductive sensor, or FSR system, you can simply use your finger or a metal object to fire the sensor. If you are using a BLTouch, you will need to use the command listed below to lower the pin and push it with your finger to run this test. If the BLTouch goes into error mode, simply run the reset command also shown below. If you see the "Endstop Z2 Hit" notification in the terminal, then you are ready for the next step! if not, double check your wiring, and make sure you entered the correct info to the [Servo] section of your Local.cfg.

BLTouch Commands
M280 P0 S10 F5000 R ; Pin Down
M280 P0 S160 F5000 R ; Reset Error

Configuring [Endstops]

In order for your machine to know what motion your probe is stopping, you'll need to add information to your [Endstops] section within your local.cfg. Once you know your endstop is working correctly, you'll be adding macros which will enable and disable this command.