Adding a Servo

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So you want to use a servo with your Replicape...

This is a very easy process!

Step 1: Connect your servo to the X2 (or Y2) connection on your Replicape <img src="" />

Step 2: Paste this section into your 'local.cfg'

# For Rev B, servo is either P9_14 or P9_16.
# Not enabled for now, just kept here for reference.
# Angle init is the angle the servo is set to when redeem starts.
# pulse min and max is the pulse with for min and max position, as always in SI unit Seconds.
# So 0.001 is 1 ms.
# Angle min and max is what angles those pulses correspond to.
servo_0_enable = True
servo_0_channel = P9_14
servo_0_angle_init = 90
servo_0_angle_min = -90
servo_0_angle_max = 90
servo_0_pulse_min = 0.001
servo_0_pulse_max = 0.002

Step 3 : Save and restart Redeem...

Step 4: Try the following commands to see if your servo is working:

M280 P0 S90 F3000
M280 P0 S-90 F3000

Step 5: You will need to tweak the position of your servo by changing the 'S90' and 'S-90' to whatever works for you...