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Congratulations! You have chosen to become one of the few, the proud, the guinea pigs!

Before you switch to the develop branch of Redeem, it's probably best to check on the #development channel on Slack and ask what state the develop branch is in. We do break it from time to time during development, although we do our best to keep it stable.

Once you're sure you know what you're getting into, SSH into your Beaglebone to a root console and run this:

# print the commands we're running so you can see what's happening
set -x
# exit on error
set -e


# nuke the old redeem install
rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Redeem*

# nuke the old redeem source code
cd /usr/src
rm -rf redeem

# re-clone the redeem source code

# check out the branch we want
cd redeem
git checkout $REDEEM_BRANCH

# install the new redeem
pip install -r requirements.txt
make install

# clone TI's PRU software support package if it's not already there
if [ ! -d /usr/src/pru-software-support-package ]
	cd /usr/src
	git clone git://

# install the PRU C compiler if it's not already there
apt-get update
apt-get install ti-pru-cgt-installer

The PRU software support package and PRU C compiler are necessary because the develop branch currently includes changes that rewrite the PRU firmwares from assembly to C. These steps should go away once we have Kamikaze/Umikaze images that include these out of the box.