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Rebase A0.png

Rebase is an actively and passively cooled enclosure for Recore. It's black anodized aluminum body acts both as a good heat sink for the high power parts of the board and provides a good mounting base.

The kit comes with 4 M3x8 screws for attaching Recore to the base. Before mounting the board, cut the thermal pads to fit the two elevated points in the bottom of the base. This will provide thermal conductivity between the aluminum heat sink and the PCB. The magnets slide into the 3D printed cover which then attaches to the 4 M3 screw heads.

The cover can be either fully 3d-printed or a combination of 3d printed skirt around the edges and an acrylic top to more easily see the indicator LEDs during setup.

STEP files

The step files are available in the Recore repository.

Rebase A0 step-file: Rebase_A0.step

Acrylic top cover: Rebase_A0-acrylic-lid.step

3D printed cover: Rebase_A0-ABS-cover.step

DIN-rail mounts: Rebase_A0_din-rail-holders.step

Mechanical drawing